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Your connection to the DOT and all the information you need to know about UN certified packaging. A government site that gives all the rules and
regulations involved in dangerous goods packaging.


The FAA site gives information on regulations for flying and information pertinent to the carriage of dangerous goods on aircraft. They can be
contacted in regards to questions involving biomedical packaging used in flight.


The International Air Tranportation Association can provide you with all the information you need about the rules and regulations for shipping your
dangerous goods by air.


We are the American Association of Physician Offices and Laboratories, a national education organization. We are dedicated to serving the needs of
office-based healthcare professionals to improve the quality of their laboratory testing and their work environment.


Accurate, updated information on infectious diseases including hepatitis, STDs, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, research, education,
epidemiology from doctors at Johns Hopkins University.